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each weekday is a monday.
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Title Fight - Shed [x]

im so PUMPED about fall!!!!! ill wear 500 sweaters i dont care ill shove a whole pumpkin up my ass

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Our first attempt at a Swedish fire log was a smashing success.

burns for hours and it looks beautiful.

I have no idea how you make a Swedish fire long
but i have a MIGHTY NEED for a Swedish fire log

It’s actually super easy and you see basically how in the picture: Just cut slits about like 3/4 down in a big (dry) log with a chainsaw. Then, just light it up on top with some smaller branches and whatever, the inside will catch fire, and it’ll burn for a long time. Great at outside events in the cold months.


I’m sorry, but if lesbians can control themselves in a girls only changing room with ass naked woman waltzing around. Then I figure men should be able to control them selves with clothed girls walking down the street. Just a thought.

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Real Friends (by TD Wehle)
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lemme see if it was any good
no delete it i look dumb
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if lucifer needs someones consent to enter their body then so do you

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